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Children of Today is an indie pop music track , influenced by the era of 90's, with a touch of modern orchestration. The song's mood brings a nostalgic and positive feeling and the goal is to represent two different generations (which is also its alternative title) Child of Yesterday, Children of Today. Grab your copy now! You can find it on bandcamp ---------------------------------------------- https://mikedelis.bandcamp.com/releases Social Networks -------------------------- Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MikeDelisMusic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mike_delis Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikedelismusic Soundcloud ------------------- https://soundcloud.com/mikedelis Electro Music ---------------------- Games People Play ᐅ https://youtu.be/BMxAQpuDrDo Monochrome ᐅ https://youtu.be/A3hiYV8QAtE Electric Aura ᐅ https://youtu.be/-rTcBItAygk Beyond the Reflection ᐅ https://youtu.be/zJiqiyRtsFQ Dance of the Immortal ᐅ https://youtu.be/e5HMj3YHABs Emotional Music --------------------------- It's All About Love ᐅ https://youtu.be/G3X-J_DKrAs Constellations ᐅ https://youtu.be/Y2eE3sHvsuc Daydreamer ᐅ https://youtu.be/X8Yh58xlCGw Echophonic ᐅ https://youtu.be/yDH1ZzJOeuI Reverse Pt.1 ᐅ https://youtu.be/VKg0mB4cEhY If you enjoyed the track, please share, like and subscribe. Thank you for your support Cheers #mikedelis #nostalgy #indiepop

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